3.0.29: Mount point error when starting server


In our 2.2.16 environment, we have all of the OrientDB setup on one disk while the databases are on a different one which is linked to the OrientDB root folder. The formatting is btrfs. This setup worked fine in 2.2.16. However, in 3.0.29, when starting the server, it returns a mount point error:

To get passed this issue, we eliminated the link and defined the databases folder as a local directory in the OrientDB root folder.

Any idea how to get the link setup working in 3.0.29 would be appreciated.


An update on this:

  • The btrfs disk is mounted onto /opt/data.
  • The database folder in ORIENTDB_HOME has a symbolic link to /opt/data/db/OrientDB/databases - this causes the above documented mount point error.
  • If the symbolic link is replaced with /opt/data, it works - but obviously, this is not what is expected.

We updated the installed Java version, that got it back working.