[Announcement] Welcome to ArcadeDB, the new official fork of OrientDB!

Hi guys, this is Luca Garulli, the original creator of OrientDB. I guess you noticed OrientDB has not had much activity in the last few years. SAP, the new OrientDB owner, is not interested in evolving the project, but it’s only maintaining the current paying clients for another year. That’s why I decided to fork OrientDB into ArcadeDB.

ArcadeDB is a new generation of Multi-Model databases. It has a brand new transactional engine, much faster and lighter than OrientDB. The new engine has been designed to squeeze the most of multi-CPUs hardware. Our benchmarks show ArcadeDB is, at least, 10X faster than OrientDB in most of the use cases.

From OrientDB we ported the SQL layer so it’s >95% compatible with OrientDB SQL for the most common use cases. ArcadeDB is Apache Tinkerpop Gremlin 3.4.x compliant, so if you are using OrientDB with mostly SQL and/or Gremlin a porting should be pretty much painless. Nice bonus, ArcadeDB supports also Neo4j Cypher language, MongoDB query language and there is also minimal support for Redis protocol for the key/value model.

ArcadeDB is Open Source with Apache 2 license, so really FREE for any usage, no strings attached.

Arcade Data, the main sponsor for ArcadeDB, is managing ArcadeDB as a foundation, where profits from GitHub sponsorship are shared among active committers to create a new sustainable model for Open Source projects.

I hope many users from OrientDB can at least try ArcadeDB. We’re eager to get your feedback and even better, your contribution with code, test, documentation, and more. I hope we can build together a great community as we did with OrientDB.

To know more about ArcadeDB, read Welcome to ArcadeDB: Play with Data.

Luca Garulli
Founder of ArcadeDB and OrientDB

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Hi guys,

I am the creator of the OrientDB storage engine and committer of the official OrientDB repository.

First of all, let me explain that ArcadeDB is not an official fork of OrientDB project.
The original team of OrientDB does not work on this project, OrientDB project does not share most of the code with ArcadeDB.

Most of the core team still works on OrientDB and we have plans on version 4 of OrientDB and beyond.

As for benchmarks, we are hard-working on new optimizations which will not compromise such features as stability and durability of the database.

All official announcements will be made in Discussions · orientechnologies/orientdb · GitHub which is the official OrientDB community channel.

way to go Luca …tired of super slow release cycles

Jump on ArcadeDB, we are still able to make 2 releases a month, super growing community, and much faster and more stable storage engine than OrientDB. Please don’t take my word for it, try it by yourself (and publish your results).

Hello laa,

We do not see any active updates on the community edition of the OrientDB. Are you certain that it will be maintained in future? Most of the users are moving away as no clear indication/roadmap of the community edition. Can you please shed some light on it?