Can I model node inheritance in OrientDB

Hi, I am trying to build a dynamic schema layout for web forms and was wondering if I can do this in OrientDB. My idea is to build it similar to OrientDB’s role concept:

Here is an example:

I have two nodes Member and MemberNotConfirmed

Member {
      read: true
      write: **true**

MemberNotConfirmed childOf Member {
      write: **false**
      activationToken: "jsdkopksamv" //some other parameters exclusive to MemberNotConfirmed Node

If I query for MemberNotConfirmed nodes I want to get a combined view incl. all parents:

     read: true
     write: **false** // properties from child overwrites parent values
     activationToken: "jsdkopksamv"

Can I build such a model and query in Orient DB ? Thx!