Can't use Teleporter

Hi, I’m unable to use Teleporter to import some data from a relational DB.

If a use a -ourl of type “remote:localhost/db”, the tool can’t connect to it, giving me:

com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OSecurityAccessException: Wrong user/password to [connect] to the remote OrientDB Server instance

The DB has the default users of admin, reader and writer. If I use a URL of type plocal to the same DB, then the connection works but the tool gives me:

ERROR: Synchronization not allowed in OrientDB CE.

But I am not making any sinchronization, just an import of a table using default configuration.

Hi, can you try adding -juser <username> -jpasswd <password> to your arguments?

Those arguments are for the JDBC driver, I have no problem with that conection (I do use them). The problem is in connecting to the OrientDB database.

same problem here. there is no option to give credentials for remote orientdb.

workaround is to use plocal database directory and copy it to the databases directory of your server.

could someone from orient-team respond here please?

Is this issue resolved or its working as design?