Complex query returns no record despite the query returns result in studio

OrientDB 3.0.22, php73x86, ostico/phporient latest

The below query returns record in php:

select from game where in(contract).in(message).in(customer).cid[0]=“2”

However this query does not return record in php despite it returns record in Studio:

select from game where (not outE(dispatchGame) is null) and in(contract).in(message).in(customer).cid[0]=“2”

Any thougts?

Hi @tolgaulas

The problem here is due to the fact that the PHP driver still uses the legacy SQL executor, that probably has some problems with that specific query.

Unfortunately I have no solution strictly related to the driver, the update of the protocols to use the new executor is in the roadmap, but it won’t be available in short

What I can suggest is to use the REST API