Connect & run import on the same instruction

I’m trying to import a database in an orient container for the very first use. The problem is that I can’t really use CONNECT REMOTE:orient-db/test root root **command** , from what I can see, this is not implemented yet.

My approach was to run the orient console, but this doesn’t help me either, since it’s not possible to use pipe for it. (something like echo "CONNECT remote:localhost/pumpup root pass"|./ , as in Automate connecting to database in OrientDB console).

What should be the approach on that?

LE. I saw the batch mode here:, so I was able to solve my problem.

Also, IMO, the same example can easily be present on the console section of the documentation?
WDYT about that?

Thanks a lot for such a great database. :smiley: