Export database produces invalid JSON


We recently upgraded from OrientDB 2.2.30 to 3.1.10 Community Edition. After the upgrade, “export database” command (the basic syntax, export everything) returns an error message and the produced JSON appears to be invalid. Following error message appears at the end of the export:

!ERROR: Error on exporting database ‘XXX’ to: /opt/archive/export_XXX_full_20210722093407.json.gz
→ null

Checking of JSON validity of the export result with jq shows various validity problems. The database itself is consistent, as confirmed by “check database”.

Please advice how to investigate/fix this issue.

I see the export produces some null entries, like ,,. If you’re using a parser, just skip those values and it should be fine.

You can use the export option via UI.

When you need to import the DB just use the IMPORT DATABASE from the console, it will work great.