High Ram Usage Clusters Master/Master

HI all,

I had installed two instances of OrientDB v2.2.22 Enterprice edition in cluster with configuration Master/Master,
From Dashboard the usage of ram are 3/6 ram for each instance the max usage setting in the configuration are 12g for each , but if i run top command the usage of ram are 14gb of ram for each instance.
On each instance is installed only the db.
Any advice?



HI @Musare

A couple of quick advices:
First of all, upgrading to v 3.0 will give you will have a lot of advantages in terms of memory usage, in particular the new SQL executor is much less memory bound.
Then you should probably check your server configuration; OrientDB uses off-heap memory to cache DB content in memory, so your RAM could just be filled with cached data. Disk cache size can be tuned changing storage.diskCache.bufferSize parameter (see https://orientdb.com/docs/2.2.x/Performance-Tuning.html#memory-settings)

I hope it helps