How can I set Label during `create edge` in SQL

I could not make use of “label” in MATCH queries, I always have to filter with [@class=“foo”] for filtering out if there are multiple different classes at in or out edges.

In documentation however; in/out… (‘label’) should work as a simple filtering among the multiple edge situation but label setting seems only available while using the graphAPI. I think then we can use out(‘label’) syntax in the SQL queries. Because when I use .out(“label”) all the edges are returned (because I cannot setup the label with sql edge creation) not the “label” one.

Am I missing something?


I think I figured out: Labels are class names.

When you mention a in/out (‘label’), per documentation it should bring the adjacent vertex. (i.e v:A -e:connect- v:B; I thought select in(A) from B would bring A. But that’s not the case. If you call in/out from a vertex, the label should be the edge class name, not the name of adjasent vertex.If you want to get A then it should be select in(connect) from A.)

And the labels have always be in single or double quote in functions.

May be worth to mention it in the documentation.