How does one delete an item from a LinkList in SQL syntax

I understand that the latest syntax for concatenating a list is:

update <document> set <list>=<list> || <new object>

So what is the new syntax for removing an item?

Hi @Kshanti

The old UPDATE REMOVE syntax is still supported, so no change from v 2.2.
In addition, you can use list slicing to remove one or more items, eg.

UPDATE <doc> SET list = list[0..10] || list[15..1000]

Just consider that you can use both [a..b] (two dots, right boundary excluded) and [a...b] (three dots, right boundary included)



Thanks @luigidellaquila. I figured I could do the slicing, but then I don’t know how to get the index of the item I am looking for using SQL syntax.

I will try the old syntax.