How to use the Java API/Graph API

Hello there,

I recently started working with OrientDB and had no Problems using it in the OrientDB Studio or in the Commandline, so I tried to use it through its Java API.
However, when following the Tutorial on how to use the API, i noticed that I was missing a few jar-files like blueprints-core-.jar and orientdb-graphdb-.jar which where used in all of the tutorials I found online. Where can I get these files since they weren’t included in my I downloaded or is there a new way to use the Java API?

Thanks for any help

Hi @Enovyn

If you need the blueprints* jars are part of TinkerPop, so you to use them you have to download the Gremlin Server version here (Apache TinkerPop 3) or the legacy TinkerPop 2.6 distribution (see
Anyway, there is no need to use TinkerPop APIs to use the graph capabilities, I strongly suggest you to use the new MultiModel API, without the need for additional dependencies (see

I hope it helps



Hey Luigi,

it finally works!

Thank you very much