Java Object API

I’m very interested in using Orient DB for a commercial product and am very interested in utilizing the Object API; however, the document states:

Bear in mind that this Java API has not received improvements since OrientDB version 1.5. Consider using the Document API or Graph API instead, with an additional layer to map to your POJO’s.

I was wondering what the reasoning behind this was? Has it been abandoned? Are there major drawbacks that one might run into that are not apparent at first?

Any more insight you can shed on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


The Object API is still maintained, eg. in v 3.0 we enhanced it to use the new SQL executor, but it is a layer on top of the multi-model API, so it’s less efficient and less flexible.

There is an active discussion in the dev team about the Object API and our SpringData module. SpringData module is currently based on the Object API, but there is a chance that in the future it will change, so we are considering to discontinue the Object API in favour or a more complete Spring integration.

As a general advice, I’d suggest to use the multi-model API instead.



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I have developed a ODBOGM mapper for OrientDB. Currently we are using it in two project. You can test it if you want. You can see it at ODBOGM.
It it is a web project you will also need ODBOGM agent.

Good luck

Hi @mwarble

Thank you very much for letting us know, I’m sure it will be of interest for many members in the community