Listen to events from CLUSTER:default

Hi, is there a way to have a live Query over all the records in default cluster? doing .live("select FROM CLUSTER:default ", liveQueryListener does not seem to be enough

Hi @stoica-florian

it should be supporter, but by a deeper investigation seems there is a bug on live queries clusters.

I’m working on a fix. Thanks

Hi @stoica-florian

i’ve just pushed a fix. Here it’s the reference issue on github

It will be available in the next release 3.0.31


Thank you for your fast response and fast fix

This does not seem to work for the following:
ODatabaseDocument database = dbConnection.getFactory().getDatabase(false, false); OLiveQueryMonitor monitor ="select FROM CLUSTER:default", listener); database.command("TRUNCATE RECORD [" + String.join(", ", result) + "]", new HashMap<>()); monitor.unSubscribe();

Hi @stoica-florian

i think the main reason is that truncate is unsafe operation, that means it empties the file directly without going to the proper flow of record deletion. So the live queries handlers are not invoked.