Manual Lucene Index is deprecated, why?

My task is to create full-text index for a cluster of interconnected vertices with one root element. The only way a found to solve my problem is manual indexes.
But according to the documentation, manual indexes are marked as deprecated.
Why?! Сan i rely on this functionality in the future?

Hi @arch7tect

yes manual indexes are going to be removed in the future.

Why do you need manual indexes?

Can’t you just index records with lucene indexes?


Hi @wolf4ood.
I use orientdb as a back-end store for EMF objects (Eclipse Modeling Framework).
Usually, one object is decomposed into a whole graph, vertices and edges. To find an object by keyword, I have to search the entire graph.
For example, you need to find all ETL transformations that mention the DM_BALANCE table.
Examples of possible options:
Transformation-sources->SQLSource.query=“select * from DM_BALANCE”

My idea is that at the time of creating or changing the Transformation object, I combine all the text attributes of all nested objects in one line and use this pseudo-attribute to build a manual index on the Transformation object. Of course, I do not want to store such a pseudo-attribute.

Can you suggest other approaches?