Memory configuration

Hello, First, I apologize for my english.
my cloud have 4 gb ram. How should i configure server.bat file for maximum performance Also do u think have 300 active clients capacity?
(ubuntu - angular - nginx - nodejs - 100k records)

set MAXHEAP=-Xms2G -Xmx2G

Documentation recommends give weight in disk cache. You may check performance-tuning topic in the documentation.

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I wouldn’t ask if I understood the documents, reis. I need examples.
disk cache used ram or hdd?

Have you done profiling? Do you know that you have performance issue and that’s related to configuration rather than the queries/indexing you are using?

Performance tuning in my opinion is the last step. 99/100 times the issues lie with the database model and the queries. Defaults seem to be working fine for me and i have over 20 million edges and 300 thousand nodes and we do very intense graph traversal queries.