Need Database related Information via SQL

Hello Team,

I wonder if there is a way to find out more information (say via SQL) about the databases in OrientDB like:

Created By User (can be a server user or db user)
Created on
Schema Information, Classes
Number of V and E (we can get this one )
Number of Records

Please help

Kind Regards,
Vikash Kumar

Hi @vikashk77

OrientDB does not keep info about who created the DB or the creation date, so you cannot retrieve it.

You can get schema info with

SELECT FROM metadata:schema

There is no way to count ALL the records, so you have to to do a SELECT count(*) on each class/cluster

You can get additional info with

SELECT FROM metadata:database
SELECT FROM metadata:storage
SELECT FROM metadata:indexmanager

I hope it helps



Hey Luigi,

Thanks for your response. These metadata tables are helpful. However, doesn’t help what I was looking for with respect to DB creation date / by information. Even an audit log user/database wise can help … if there’s any.

Thanks again !!

Kind Regards,
Vikash Kumar