Not able to insert records using the insert command


I’m trying to insert the records using the simple Insert command, but not able to insert data using orientDB studio
facing this insert query issue from the today itself, earlier it was working fine

  1. Created the User vertex
  2. added 2 properties name (String), id (int)
  3. From OrientDB studio tried the below insert query
    Insert into user (name, id) VALUES ("user 1", 1)
    but after executing this simple query getting the continuous loader
    and then command not executed warning message

There are not oreintDB server logs for any errors,
i’m also using the orientjs client in the node.js server,from there it’s able to insert the records to the database vertexes

any suggestions on this issue
Studio version : 3.1.3
OrientDB version : 3.1.3