Not able to retried the record in the insert query


I have created the Index using

CREATE INDEX CP_custom_productcategory UNIQUE STRING
In which i’m trying to insert the record and in response need to get the record rid created

As per the Docs i tried the below query and returning the @rid

INSERT INTO INDEX:CP_custom_productcategory (key, rid) VALUES (“random2”, {
@class”: ‘V’,
“custom_productcategory”: {
“CategoryCode”: ‘random2’,
“Description”: ‘random1 Category’
“IntegrationId”: []
}) RETURN @rid

But not able to get the actual creted @rid in the response
instead getting the below response of the count

“result”: [
“count”: 1

Is there any modification needed or any workaround to get the record details with record Id in return in Insert Into query