Oetl.bat will not finish

Orientdb 3.2.03 or 3.2.04 with OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Temurin-11.0.14+9 (build 11.0.14+9, mixed mode):

Running an oetl.sh process on Linux shows the number of lines loaded and after about 250000 lines the process ended with a message that the process loads the data correctly.
Under Windows 10, oetl.bat also loads the data, but there is no output on the screen. As soon as a look at the file date shows that no more changes are being made, I have to stop the oetl process with CTRL-C, the *.wal file is deleted and oetl is terminated.

I use the following json file with oetl on Windows. On Linux it is similar with the exception of the pathes.

“source”: { “file”: { “path”: “c:/tmp/allcat.csv” } },
“extractor”: { “csv”: { “separator”: “;” } },
“transformers”: [
{ “vertex”: { “class”: “Allcat” } },
{ “edge”: { “class”: “IsParent”, “joinFieldName”: “Parent”, “lookup”: “Allcat.JCAT”, “direction”: “in” } },
{ “edge”: { “class”: “IsDest”, “joinFieldName”: “Dest”, “lookup”: “Allcat.JCAT”, “direction”: “out” } }
“loader”: {
“orientdb”: {
“dbURL”: “plocal:c:/orientdb/databases/spacedb”,
“dbAutoCreate”: true,
“dbType”: “graph”,
“wal”: false,
“classes”: [
{“name”: “Allcat”, “extends”: “V”},
{“name”: “IsParent”, “extends”: “E”},
{“name”: “IsDest”, “extends”: “E”}
], “indexes”: [
{“class”:“Allcat”, “fields”:[“JCAT:string”], “type”:“NOTUNIQUE” }

  1. What can be done to get screen outpub on Windows too.
  2. Is it correct that a *.wal file will be created if “wal”: false is set?