OrientDB 3.1.7 on WSL2/Ubuntu-20.04 - Localhost Behavior

Hi there, do you have similar installation?

I have an application that is using the following OrientDB JARs on WSL2/Ubuntu:

  • orientdb-client-3.1.2.jar
  • orientdb-core-3.1.2.jar
  • orientdb-graphdb-3.1.2.jar
  • orientdb-gremlin-3.1.2.jar
  • orientdb-server-3.1.2.jar
  • orientdb-tools-3.1.2.jar

OrientDB is not able to handle localhost.

I mean, client application is calling OrientDB binary API providing localhost and OrientDB returns cannot connect unless API is called with the (dynamic) IP given by WSL2, which can change every bounce. Localhost on WSL2 installations has a tricky behavior and I know that there are some weird workarounds to make it static, but other applications like Kafka, PostgreSQL etc. present no such behavior. BTW there are no firewall rules on Win10 and Ubuntu that could block port 2424.

I look forward to your comments.