OrientDB 3 & Tinkerpops

Hi All,

I just wanted to ask what is the plan re Tinkerpops interface. As opposed to OrientDB 2, OrientDB 3 does not include Tinkerpops implementation in the core package. It’s true that it does add extra packages with Tinkerpops 3 implementation (and Tinkerpops 2.6 for backward compatibility), but my general feeling is that OrientDB is focusing more now on the Multi-Model API.

We need to decide which alternative we use (Graph API with Tinkerpops 3 or Multi-Model API). It seems to me that there’s more support and documentation on the Multi-Model API and also that historically is more aligned with the core OrientDB solution - the Mutli-Model API being an extension of the original Document API.

What do you suggest? I like the idea of working with the Tinkerpops interface, but having carried out some throrough tests with OrientDB 3.0.17 Tinkerpops 3 I’m not sure about its performance and support at all.