OrientDB 3 & Tinkerpops

Hi All,

I just wanted to ask what is the plan re Tinkerpops interface. As opposed to OrientDB 2, OrientDB 3 does not include Tinkerpops implementation in the core package. It’s true that it does add extra packages with Tinkerpops 3 implementation (and Tinkerpops 2.6 for backward compatibility), but my general feeling is that OrientDB is focusing more now on the Multi-Model API.

We need to decide which alternative we use (Graph API with Tinkerpops 3 or Multi-Model API). It seems to me that there’s more support and documentation on the Multi-Model API and also that historically is more aligned with the core OrientDB solution - the Mutli-Model API being an extension of the original Document API.

What do you suggest? I like the idea of working with the Tinkerpops interface, but having carried out some throrough tests with OrientDB 3.0.17 Tinkerpops 3 I’m not sure about its performance and support at all.



Hi @rafa

TP2 was the official and only Java API in OrientDB <= 2.2.x.

From OrientDB 3.0.x we decided to ship our own MultiModel APIs and use it for the TP3 integration.
My understanding is that the direction of Apache TinkerPop is more on the usage of gremlin itself via specific language Python,Java,JavaScript etc via Gremlin Server, rather than using directly the vendor API which we implement in OrientDB TinkerPop integration.

Let me know if you need other info

I think users would like to understand the OrientDB roadmap as it relates to TP3. I did some work with OrientDB 3.1.x but have not returned to OrientDB 3.0.x to understand the current status.

3.1.x worked but had some major performance issues pieces that weren’t mapped into OrientDB properly. TP3 integration is an absolute must for my work. It’s like the JDBC of the graph world.