OrientDb 3.x and Spring Data - Maven Repo

Hi all,
we developed a product using OrientDB 2.2.x and Spring boot and now we are trying to port it to version 3.0.x.
Sadly, it seems that Maven Repositories are not updated, since the last version of spring-boot-orientdb-autoconfigure on main repositories is 0.14, released on Jun, 2017, which is the 2.2.x version we are using (e.g., see: https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.orientechnologies/spring-boot-orientdb-autoconfigure ).
The git version on branch 3.0.x is 0.14-3.0.15-SNAPSHOT, updated on 28 Jan 2019 (https://github.com/orientechnologies/spring-data-orientdb/blob/3.0.x/spring-boot-orientdb-autoconfigure/pom.xml).
Is there a way to have it on a main repository, so to be able to manage it through Maven or Gradle?
Thank you in advance
Alessandro Depase

Facing the same issue. Trying with version 3.1.0. Can someone please update if the support for spring data will be continued ?