OrientDB on Google Cloud

Hi- I have been trying to find if orientDB is supported on GCP.
I would like to use it instead of neo4j but cant find any info on cloud providers apart form azure, aws, jelastic and digital ocean.
Has anyone deployed it on GCP

UPDATE: after restarting the VM, it appears the databases were not stored persistently. I’m still looking into that.

I deployed OrientDB to a Compute Engine VM. It was pretty simple.

gcloud compute firewall-rules create orientdb --allow tcp:2424,tcp:2480 --source-ranges --target-tags orientdb

Creates the required firewall rule which will allow ports for database and GUI access. If you don’t have the CLI, just create a rule which matches the “orientdb” tag and allows tcp:2424 and tcp:2480 from source

Creating the VM itself I did in the GUI, but you could probably figure it out from CLI as well.

Create a new instance, set the name to whatever you like.

Select a region / zone, again to your preference.

Choose a suitable instance machine type according to your anticipated usage (g1-small is sufficient for testing)

Check “Deploy a container image to this VM instance”. Set the container image to “orientdb:latest”.

Expand “Management, security, disks, networking, sole tenancy” section near the bottom.

Switch to the “Networking” tab. Add a network tag “orientdb” (to match the firewall rule).

Add any other metadata you’d like, like labels or tags. Create the instance.

Once the instance is provisioned, I added a static IP so I could connect easily. You can do this from the VPC Networking section of the cloud console. There’s a section called “External IP Addresses”. Changing your VM’s IP to static is free.

Once everything was provisioned, I was able to connect to my static IP on port 2480 and could access the studio.