OrientDB v 3.0.28 released

The new OrientDB v 3.0.28 is available for download


Change log: https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/wiki/OrientDB-3.0-Release-Notes#3028---5-february-2020



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Which one is the latest one?

OrientDB 3.1.2 GA Community Edition (August 20th, 2020)


OrientDB 3.0.34 GA Community Edition (August 31st, 2020)

That info is from OrientDB.org. I am trying out 3.1.1 and having problems with connection issue. I am a newbie and I do not know how to check connection leak. The error shows something to do with local storage during atomic operation. My current solution is restart the server. Thank you.

Hi @htu

If you are starting a new project, I’d suggest to go with v 3.1.
V 3.0.34 is a hotfix release for the previous 3.0
For your problem, I’d suggest to open an issue here https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/issues and provide a few more details, I’m sure we can help you