Server-side Functions V2.2 to 3.1

Hello everyone
Having updated from version 2.2.31 to 3.1.12 (I encountered some problem with version 3.2 for the moment)
I have currently done several functions but this one no longer works on 3.1.12

For example ( 2.2.31 )

var db = orient.getGraphNoTx();

var retour = {};
odbCountryCode = odbCountryCode.toUpperCase();
var Clogins = db.getVertexType("Logins_"+ odbCountryCode) || db.createVertexType("Logins_"+ odbCountryCode, "Logins");

I tried by replacing orient.getGraphNoTx() by orient.getDatabase() But the problem persists on the side of db.getVertexType

" getVertex is not a function "

I also replaced with getVertices but same problem

I also read that the problem could come from TinkerPop which has been removed but honestly I am lost in relation to the documentation. I have not found an alternative on the functions that are no longer present
Do you have any information to provide me on the migration from the old functions to the new ones or any other information ?

Excuse me also for my english

P.S : I also read this topic Server-side functions not working anymore in v3.2.0
But maybe you have a solution