Some site feedback

First off, this site is great! Much easier to use than Google Groups. A couple of thoughts:

  1. Maybe stop answering questions on Google Groups (and maybe also Stack Overflow) and instead direct people here, so this grows to become a rich resources over time.
  2. Add a category for query/command development (SQL and Gremlin) for questions about query syntax, query optimization, etc. It’s not clear where such questions currently belong.

Hi @eric24

Thank you for your suggestions, I think we will redirect most of the questions from the Google Groups to this forum, this is our long term strategy. About Stack Overflow, probably we will keep answering there just because it’s a well known platform and most developers use it, so being there is an advantage for both devs and us.

I like the idea of adding an SQL category, I’m adding it now




Just some feedback: I just joined this site but it was relatively hard to find (main website > community website > “join discussion”). I clicked on “join discussion” out of curiosity because by the name I wasn’t expecting a fully-fledged Q&A + product updates here.

As for StackOverflow, I was quite frustrated that there are so little questions and answers on SO. Even though this forums exists instead, new OrientDB developers (like myself) will automatically go to SO to ask questions. Given that OrientDB only shows 5,612 results on SO (and neo4j almost 40,000), the OrientDB community felt very empty when I first arrived. I started looking for the official Q&A website purely out of frustration with the lack of support/community on SO. So this might be something to keep in mind going forward - SO is so popular that you guys might be missing momentum by having questions and answers being posted here instead.

That being said, I must say that I compared many many graph databases and OrientDB is the only one that both adheres to OO principles and is extremely flexible in terms of data modelling because it has both schemes (classes) but also allows schemaless design. The fact that it has both was crucial for my application and eventually pursuaded me to use OrientDB over the competitors.

So keep up the good work! Your product is really one of a kind and high quality, so over time the community will grow because popularity follows quality :+1: