SSL Features for client via node js drivers


Im working on SSL features of orientdb, currently I setup the SSL for console client.
I need help, I need an SSL configuration for nodejs driver how do I configure that? I look on your documents there is no SSL configuration on nodejs driver.


Geroy, John Laurence P.
Software Engineer

Octal Philippines Inc.

I need this setup to have a secure connection from my web service application to my remote orientdb server

hi @patriciolaurence

which version are you using?

I’m using version 3 orientdb

Hi @patriciolaurence

the ssl support in OrientJS is not completed yet. It will be available probably in the next OrientJS release


ok, I can use the http protocol in replace for orientJS, but the guide for configuring ssl for http protocol is not clear for me at all, can you give me a step by step guide for setting up the ssl via http protocol (like how do I use the ssl java keystore & truststore to server sockets & client side using http protocol connection only)?

I followed the guide for setup ssl on binary protocol (connection & client) I made it success, but on http protocol I keep having problem like (using the ssl on client side to connect from the server)