Studio - Browse query configuration

Is there a way to change the defaults for the query configuration on the Browse tab in Studio? I’d like to have it so that any user gets defaulted to settings that are lower than the default without their having to do so.
Even better, is there a way to automatically clear the Browse history once a session has been closed?

Hi @jg0121

unfortunately there is no way to change default Settings. Settings are per user and stored in the local storage of the browser.

Also there is now way to clear browser history automatically.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hello, i am novice to orientdb.
My question is:
Is there any link or just help to learn how to fill a new database newly created by orientdb.

hi @Lhos

do you mean fiil data via Studio or client APIs?


Hi thanx for replay. I mean with studio.

Hi @Lhos you can use sql to populate data via Studio