Studio News behind SSL reverse proxy

I have put OrientDB server behind a SSL reverse proxy:
apache2 virtual host configuration (excerpt):

<Location /database>

Everything is working perfectly, except the “news” box in Studio: Firefox 67.0.4 blocks the request .

If I disable Firefox content protection, news get loaded normally:
this is the requested URL:

Probably this is due to the fact that the request is not in https, but in plain http.

How can I change it ?

Hi @shockagent

the url is hard coded you cannot change it. I will fix it for the next release by using https


This is a long standing issue with the Console. This should be an opt in only feature. No phone home should be allowed by any enterprise level product. Of course it can be blocked but it should not be done in the first place and will increase the security concern of the product.

grazie 1000 :smiley: