Sync orientdb to rdbms like Oracle

I am new to OrientDB and currently evaluating the product…

My questions are:

  1. One of my requirement is syncing the data from orientdb to my rdbms Oracle Database. I see that OrientDB Teleporter is used to import from oracle database to orientdb. Is the reverse also possible? If any change is made to data in orientdb will be synced automatically to oracle database?

  2. How to I sycn the changes dynamically from oracle db to orient db? If any changes are made to oracle database after the importing to orient db, does the changes are reflected automatically to orient db on the fly. Can the process happen automatically?

  3. Does orient db work like master and slave node like couch db/pouch db?

  4. Does Orient DB has tool like TOAD for oracle where you can view row data of a table and do a bunch of other stuff llike create new table graphically, run sql commands and ext.


Any updates on how to update the source database like oracle for any changes to orientdb?