Tinkerpop 3 Lambda support in Java

Orient 3.1.0-M2

Does OrientDB support the Lambda class in the Tinkerpop 3 support in Java? In other words, can we run server side lambdas like so:


        // remote (server side) gremlin lambda to filter the results

This returns 0 results. However if I use a client side (Java) lambda, it works but this is not ideal. Also, is there better Tinkerpop 3 support available?

Have you found an alternative solution? I really need a sql LIKE behavior in gremlin… Currently Im using gremlin javascript library but I have not found a solution.

Hi @isaactzab

AFAIK gremlin-js with GLV does not support lambda. To achieve LIKE behaviour in TP 3.4.x there is the support for predicate TextP which would allow you to do containing, startingWith etc


But OrientDB 3.0.x does ship only Apache Tinkerpop 3.3.x. Version 3.4.x will be shipped with OrientDB 3.1.x