Transaction isolation level inside the same transaction


I am having an issue with transactions and isolation level.
I am using orient as a document .db (no graph in the project)

I expect that if I create a record in a transaction, the same transaction is able to query for that record before commit (I expect isolation level to involve other transactions, not the current one).

If I use an in memory orient db (for tests) everything works as I expected, but when I switch to the remote db the query is not returning anything.

I am using orient db version 2.2.37.

Is that the supposed behaviour or should I set something to make it work?


Hi Giorgio,

It’s a known limitation of v 2.2.x, the transactions are kept in memory on the client, so the query execution does not see the newly created records.

In v 3.0 we solved this problem propagating the tx data between client and server at query time, so if you have a chance to upgrade you will see the problem fixed



Thanks Luigi for the quick answer!