Unable to access databases created due to a soft kill or improper Shutdown of orientdb client

So, I am a very new user to OrientDB.
I went through the setup for orientdb (Win 10 x64) and started working on a new db in the studio via firefox.
Somewhere on creating multiple vertices and edges, it got a bit laggy and I decided to shut it down from console with a CTRL+C in cmd.
Thats where my problem occured. In the mid of shutdown, somewhere along the lines of shutting down the OServer, it stopped. I had shutdown the client a few times before and knew it was generally a quick process and so this was weird.
Anyway, after giving it 2-4 minutes just in case it was going through a process, as I saw no change or error, I decided in my infinite wisdom to soft kill the process by closing the cmd.
On restart, I was screwed since apparently while it could connect to the studio, trying to login to my created db returned an error “Session Expired”. User and pass were my root user and pass that worked on the defaultdb still.
I tried again on closing the client and restarting to check if there was an error and it went through the same problem instance as I defined above and I finally knew I screwed it somewhere.
I restarted my machine to try and see if that solved it, but then it completely KO’ed itself and gave me the following error - “The ORIENTDB_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly
This environment variable is needed to run this program” in my console.
I am now stuck completely on what to do.
I created a fresh instance of orientdb in another directory and it worked out fine but now I dont know how to recover my work.
I copied my database as is from the crashed orientdb to the new instance of the client in the database folder but while it shows up in the studio, I still cant login with the same root user and password.
Can someone pretty please help me?
I am a real freshie on this but I have a good head in learning so pretty please guide me and I should be able to keep up.

Did you try to open the database from the console as an embedded database? Using plocal: prefix to the URL?
P.S. Right now the community is located at Discussions · orientechnologies/orientdb · GitHub . If you wish faster response next time please use the before-mentioned discussions.