Update ... return statement

Hi alltogether,
good to see, that even SAP is finally accepting the benefits of open-source projects.

I am in the process of upgrading the ruby library »active orient« to OrientDB 3.
To start, using the HTTP-Protocol.

When performing an update statement, I always get a Server TimeOut

The Statement is fired through HTTP::POST

update #89:0 set my_r = my_r || [“9”, “6”, “9”] return after @this

RestClient::Exceptions::ReadTimeout (Timed out reading data from server)

The ServerLog reveals a Java-Exception as well.

As walkaround, I fire the plain update statement and reload the record from the database manualy.
Would be nice, if the provided update-features are supported in REST-Mode, too-.

(OrientDB 3.0.17)


update #89:0 set my_r = my_r || [“9”, “6”, “9”] return after $current.my_r

returns the expected result )

@topo welcome to the community!

@luigidellaquila thoughts on this?

Hi @topo

this seems to be a bug, could you please open an issue here



It seems that die Batch modus is buggy.
After switching to single REST-Post-Requests, everything works.

Will investigate further