Using Orient 3.X.X with PHP driver / Implementing protocol level 37 for PhpOrient

Hi everyone,

We want to upgrade to the latest version v3.0.X (protocol level 37) but the connection workflow has changed and we did not find how to implement the necessary changes in the documentation (cannot connect directly to the database, handshake needed).

The official driver PHPOrient ( is still on protocol version 36 (Orient v2.2.X) and has not been updated for 2 years.

Is there any ressources and documentation available to implement the new workflow, or is another library than PHPOrient that already support 3.X.X ?

Alternatively are there other external drivers (not necessarily PHP) up-to-date with 3.X.X where we could find how the handshake part has been implemented to do it ourselves and then submit the merge request ?

Thanks in advance.

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