Using Orient DB with OBIEE Publisher

Versions used:

  1. OBIEE : 12C

  2. Orient : 3.0.12

  3. Java : 1.8.0_162


  1. After shutting down the managed server bi_server1 in weblogic copy following JDBC Orient Jars to OBIEE DOMAIN HOME LIB (e.g. C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\dom5\lib where dom5 is domain name) folder:
    a. concurrentlinkedhashmap-lru-1.4.2.jar
    b. jna-4.5.0.jar
    c. orientdb-client-3.0.12.jar
    d. orientdb-core-3.0.12.jar
    e. orientdb-jdbc-3.0.12.jar

  2. Restart managed server bi_server1 in weblogic

  3. Create the data source with Orient in BI Publisher
    a. Class : com.orientechnologies.orient.jdbc.OrientJdbcDriver
    b. JDBC String : jdbc:orient:remote::/<DB_NAME> e.g. jdbc:orient:remote:localhost:2424/betterdemo
    c. Give username / password
    d. Test connection

  4. Create new Data Model and save it

  5. Create new SQL query and chose orient data source. The data would get displayed

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