Using Orientdb with GraphQL

Hello everyone. I wanted to find out is it possible/okay to use GraphQL with Orientdb and if it is how does one configure to make them work together?

what version are you using?


@mbonizzi my Orientdb version is 3.0.14

does this community work really? @mbonizzi this is the second time you are asking me for the version without actually doing anything. please don’t ask me that again esp if you know you can’t provide a solution.


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Hi @kangwa_chimba

yes OrientDB can work well with GraphQL.

I have some experience with Node.JS and the Apollo stack.

You can either write resolvers that fetch data from OrientDB like other implementation RDBMS …etc

or you can use something like this

That compile GraphQL queries into ODB SQL. But this is python only.

Let me know if you need other infos


@wolf4ood thanks a lot i appreciate it a lot. Have a nice one


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@wolf4ood I am a newbie at graph DBs. Are there any resources that explain how you can like configure OrientDB to understand GraphQl schema designs and queries? For example Neo4j has some explanations/plugin that makes Neo4j understand, with OrientDB all they have is just one huge document without proper tutorials for different use cases. This is the problem I am finding with OrientDB. There seems to be a lack of many explanations and examples for let’s say, building a sample API from scratch. The documentation assumes professional backend developer. I can’t seem to find a resource that directly explains how to set up OrientDB with graphQL.

The Kenso-technologies above doesn’t support mutations and it is python. However I am using a Flutter-Dart based client which will have a Dart based GraphQl client as a plugin for queries but I am worried about how that will be understood by OrientDB without some GraphQL intermediary.

Hi @kangwa_chimba

sorry for the late response. Unfortunately there is no automatic tool in order to make OrientDB understand GraphQL. So you should implement your own GraphQL server that use OrientDB.