Using OrientDB with .NET

I am evaluating OrientDB for a use case for a project and have installed the local instance, everything is running fine.
When trying to use the official .NET driver (OrientDB.NETStandard) it will simply not connect to the instance, I notice the nuget is fairly old and has not had any updates in a while (13 months) has this fallen behind the latest version and no longer compatible? Or am doing something wrong?

OrientDB: 3.1.0

The documentation on your site is also out of date and the connection method described is no longer supported (appear to be forced to set the UseTokenBasedSession as below).

            OClient.UseTokenBasedSession = true;

            var connectionOptions = new ConnectionOptions
                HostName = host,
                Port = 2424,
                DatabaseName = dbName,
                DatabaseType = ODatabaseType.Graph,
                UserName = user,
                Password = passwd
            ODatabase database = new ODatabase(connectionOptions);

            var classes = database.Schema.Classes();